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Course Title Field PDH Credits
Unit Systems Math & Physics 2
Force and Motion Math & Physics 3
Application of Newton's Laws Math & Physics 4
Energy, Work, and Power Math & Physics 3
Strength of Materials Structures 3
Stresses and Deflections in Beams Structures 3
Bolted Joint Analysis Structures 5
Bolt Pattern Force Distribution Structures 3
Lug Analysis Structures 7
Column Buckling Structures 3
Cross Section Properties Structures 3
Fracture Mechanics Structural Failure 5
Brittle Fracture Structural Failure 2
Fatigue Crack Growth Structural Failure 3
Structure of Metals Material Science 3
Mechanical Properties of Materials Material Science 4
Properties of Metals Material Science 6
Engineering Materials Material Science 4
Material Selection Material Science 2
Continuity Equation Fluid Flow 3
Laminar and Turbulent Flow Fluid Flow 1
Bernoulli's Equation Fluid Flow 2
Head Loss Fluid Flow 1
Centrifugal Pumps Fluid Flow 2
Introduction to Fluid Power Fluid Power 1
Forces in Liquids Fluid Power 5
Hydraulic Fluids Fluid Power 4
Hydraulic Pumps Fluid Power 4
Fluid Lines and Fittings Fluid Power 5
Hydraulic Valves Fluid Power 6
Sealing Devices and Materials Fluid Power 4
Measurement and Pressure Control Devices Fluid Power 2
Reservoirs, Strainers, Filters, and Accumulators Fluid Power 3
Hydraulic Actuators Fluid Power 3
Pneumatics Fluid Power 3
Basic Fluid Power Diagrams and Systems Fluid Power 3
Trade Studies Systems Engineering 2
Ethics for Engineers Laws & Ethics 1
The Importance of Ethics in Engineering Practice Laws & Ethics 1
Navigating Challenging Situations in Engineering Ethics Laws & Ethics 1
Case Studies in Engineering Ethics Laws & Ethics 1